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I suggest an explanation of why I see trojan/virus's in current builds when scanning ccsetup 553

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1 hour ago, login123 said:

No infection in any of the portable versions listed in this topic so far.  I downloaded & checked them all.  The 555 zip file does show a false positive, but none of the files extracted from it do.

I suggest that the OP begin posting the hash values in code tags instead of pictures so it is easier to be sure we are all talking about the same file. 
No way am I going to try to manually type all those hashes & verify them, don't have time. :(  
But it would be simple to copy and search for the text string.

For example, VT shows the hash for the portable CCleaner 64 exe extracted from ver. 555 as this: 

SHA-256	e482637cbad141b517ac6f27ceff8cf04e36a92c51c00ea29c1d2c0119a74782

It's easy to copy and check that hash in several ways, both here and at VT.

I experienced the heartache of it earlier this evening.

SHA-256 ea2b0fe19acc526f8c634fe933f63b7f2a1911a27a74dc2d87a5ea6ac4a8f2b3


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