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CCleaner v5.53.7034


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We're pleased to announce the latest release of CCleaner for Windows.

This release contains new cleaning rules for Amazon products, bug fixes and stability improvements. You have told us that you would like to have fewer popup notifications, as a first step we have reduced how often you should receive Smart Cleaning reminders.

Cleaning Rules

  • New cleaning rules for Amazon Music and Amazon Kindle


  • Increased the default Smart Cleaning notification threshold from 0.5GB to 1GB for Free and 0.2GB to 0.5GB for Professional
  • Fixed a crash when running CCleaner alongside Norton AV products
  • Fixed a crash in the Professional Trial

Download now!
You can download CCleaner Free here.

Fancy a few more features? Download the CCleaner Professional trial version here

If you are already a CCleaner Professional user your installation will update automatically.

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File Verification

Please find below the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes for verification purposes.

CCleaner Installers

ccsetup553.exe - CCleaner Free Installer
    MD5: a9360745871d11e86208dfc05389ed87
    SHA256: 654eebb38506e36b159f0dda7b316e2b726548145a179cec49b32bb030d5aba8

ccsetup553_pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Installer
    MD5: 3f995e92f8d6e5845eb2d105deb4d0bb
    SHA256: 6c327362c462aefec7ee9bd043da7449e8f35deb06f1751e4bc0b6e17b8a2604

ccsetup553pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Trial Installer
    MD5: 5d275919686f62d3d2f34b23a9962a04
    SHA256: 879d7c686593031945ce46801d97eaff73a03b0cd8964fe81925c6ea147b4382

ccsetup553.zip - CCleaner Portable (zipped)
    MD5: bca18d4fc99bdd5a8b26e13dfc716f3f
    SHA256: 8c7076508377d7ad0d9968ad1dfd44fc7cf802916ead3a440b7eadc88dd82900

ccsetup553_slim.exe - CCleaner Free Slim Installer
    MD5: 570504d1a4ea62c42372555abb82dfc1
    SHA256: 8911097985f2e42aa4436f2eb66aa1a03092c17e74a5effb5df7cb6a55562283

ccsetup553_be.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Installer
    MD5: 31ea0f7324d4253a4db789fd8cf007b9
    SHA256: bccdf8e3fc124a1f147f4753c511c3d252dde77ec7260d5c04bf688a9cd6226e

ccsetup553_be_trial.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Trial Installer
    MD5: edae6ec34ffa318516e230215bf6ff72
    SHA256: 86a76f1b493c0b8c45aa33fb47d18e47a5f816d2be897018fc7acc057650060c

ccsetup553_x64_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 64-bit MSI Installer
    MD5: 4461a1838428e66a2b3d7a981e9380a9
    SHA256: 0437a019570fe148788b44b8aa4cb5c1bf4eb902a70452dcddf427d50c9bd0db

ccsetup553_x86_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 32-bit MSI Installer
    MD5: 211966bf1990b1d87a1b22ec32c8fded
    SHA256: c020b383f2b23a92340f8a4646a6b71d7db40a5f663811f6cd67d96f2751f51f

ccsetup553_te.exe - CCleaner Technician Edition Installer
    MD5: db445b50273093a2330c7f7497d56ea4
    SHA256: 1417694139444e17e29056c4849c201a339ef95e42e9757fa8de6e61cc01a13a


CCleaner Application Executables

CCleaner.exe - CCleaner 32-bit binaries
    MD5: 44f087778bcaf72485866875f8e5bdc4
    SHA256: d247fdf09ea93fa74402e6e81eb073f137c4e12a05cded49849d6e7441f3dfc2

CCleaner64.exe - CCleaner 64-bit binaries
    MD5: 05b626fe0e1871c0298892e6db485cb2
    SHA256: 6f7b9f5e0662211b834e843a28ed29076c1f7a5c892777709962d731cc5b704e

CCUpdate.exe - CCleaner Emergency Updater
    MD5: db12f98baf9322db0763f9df0badda28
    SHA256: 1bd920da48de7785be161137f2bbd969b423a4a80e96adfdc86da83dbbd885a9


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