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Virus Total says CCleaner is infected

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I downloaded CCleaner but did not install it yet because Virus Total informs that Cyren, ESET NOD32, and Fortinet consider it malware. The first one mentions W32/Trojan.BBZK-9135; the second, Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Google.D potentially unsafe; and the last one, Riskware/Google.
My question is: should I consider these as valid information (only three out of 68 antiviruses consider it dangerous) or should I ignore them?

Thank you.

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They are just flagging up the bundled offer (Avast AV) in the standard installer - which is pre-ticked.

Some AV's flag these bundles, especially if they are pre-ticked.
But as you can see from the VT list most (68 of 71) don't, because they are not malware just potentially unwanted.

You can use the standard installer being careful to untick the pre-ticked offer.
Or use the 'Slim' installer which does not contain the offer, you can find it here:

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Thank you very much for your help. I downloaded via slim, submitted it to Virus Total who considered it totally clean. Strange, however, is that Zemana or Malwarebytes (not sure) warned me that it is malware and therefore dangerous. Even so, I installed and am already using it. Thank you again.

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