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CCleaner Beta v5.53.002

Ben CCleaner

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This release contains a crash fix outlined below. Please let us know if this release fixes the issue for you, and please also let us know if you find any additional bugs or issues.

Bug Fix:

- Fixed a bug where CCleaner crashes on launch when installed alongside various Norton AV products



ccsetup553_beta.exe - CCleaner Beta - Slim Installer
MD5: 0766c93dc798ecbea1c6d792d52deed3
SHA256: 942e8e224f943b9a4a9d2b0df941c2183ece2e22155d704191c6274f663b3551

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I got it and entered it, says invalid registration. I did download and install the Beta one listed in this thread as the original update would not work as thread stated. The original WAS registered just would not load assume due to Norton as thread reads. The Beta one works just will not register.

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