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hi fans,


does anyone knows the "nevada triangle"? an area in the sierra nevadas between reno in the north-west, fresno in the south-west and las vegas in the east


i see a documentation right now in the german tv about the nevada-triangle, not so popular as bermuda-triangle, but it seems much more interesting...


in the bermuda-triangle are just a few missing airplanes/ships. as far as i know round 40...

in the nevada-triangle should be many more lost / missing / crashed planes than in the bermuda-triangle. more than 2.000...

and in the nevada-triangle such famous places like yosemite-park, the death valley or the area 51 :)



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i dont know if this tv-channel is receivable outside from germany... and who understands the german language.


but today shows the tv-channel "zdf info" at 21:45 Berlin-timezone (20:45 London-timezone i believe) until 22: 30


--> Das Nevada-Dreieck - Mythos auf dem Prüfstand --> The Nevada Triangle - Myth on the Testbench


i hear english original speakers in the background from time to time


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