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bug reprort latest version of c cleaner


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tried to download latest version of c cleaner

download ok but when I try to open file I get error opening file for writing

if I try to click retry the error just pops back up again if I click ignore it continues to load the set up but

when I open it up from desktop its says its the 551.6939 version and you get the update box at bottom of page

I have trieid unistall of programme and tried re-install and get same issue cant get it to upgrade to the latest version




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I'm also getting an error attempting to update to the new version.  I've tried suspending my Malware and Anti-virus.  I also suspended my VPN.  Still no luck.  I haven't had do any of the aforementioned for previous updates.  This one isn't baked yet.  Return it to the development oven.


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Same here. I agree with DesertRat...it needs to go back in the development oven to finish up and be correct.

Tried multiple times today to do the update, and it's been a no-go every time, just like davidfra1. Downloads fine but won't install.

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I was having the same problems updating to 5.52 described above, but tried one last time (before submitting this) and successfully somehow got it updated.

Prior to this, all I did was to clear the Firefox cache, restart my computer and download the setup file again. I opened the setup file from the File Explorer Downloads folder instead of opening it from Firefox. The first time this didn't work, but it did the second time. (?)

The previous version 5.51 and all other previous versions updated cleanly except 5.50 (which also was messed up, but I was able to eventually get it installed). What's with the lack of quality control, Piriform?

-Allen, Windows 10 using the latest Firefox

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9 hours ago, davidfra1 said:

I get error opening file for writing

For anyone that is having that exact issue try the instructions in this post by Nergal:

Those instructions by Nergal seem to be working for some people!;)


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hi guys found a solution

1. I made sure there were no intances of c cleaner  in the task manager (press ctl alt delete as same time)

2. temp disable your anti virus or malwarebytes

3. Important run the download as admin

thats it it worked for me.... thanks to everyone that contributed

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Or for any software really.

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