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10k+ tracking files... need help

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Hi,im using ccleaner for years and as usual i scan my pc once or twice in a month but i have noticed that ccleaner is reporting 9k/10k and sometimes 15k tracking files that were removed.

I started cleaning my pc every 5-7 days using ccleaner/adwcleaner/rkill/malwarebytes/hitman pro but again ccleaner is reporting 10k tracking files every time i do a scan.Also it removes 2-3 GB junk files every time.I monitored how much tracking files ccleaner has managed to delete last month and this is the result: 12 844 tracking files on 2/12/2018 than on 10th same month 16 670 files,22/12 15 570 files and on 29/12/2018 there were 19 004 files.... This month on 7th i got 17 580 and today 15 003 tracking files removed and 3GB of junk. On my other pc i get like 3k tracking files but i dont use it so much (2-3 times a week).

I sow some posts but usually there were like 600 files or 3k tracking files.How do i get so many tracking files ? 

I use Mozilla Firefox and Chrome,that are updated to latest versions,with FVD speed dial and AdBlocker as extension.

Also my origin acc was hacked and somehow i managed to get it back/on some forum sites i can't access my accounts/sometimes i have to redownload adobe flash player sometimes even if i have already installed and updated/ I have tried VPN and i can log in again in some of my accounts but that does not impact the tracking files.

Im using latest version of ccleaner v5.51.6939 on Windows 10 Pro x64. I have static IP address.

Also,is using tor browser safe and can that prevent attacker/web provider to steal data ? Thx 


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Firstly these are not what you or I would call Tracking Files.

When they introduced the 'simple' report screen they decided to call every temporary file found a "Tracking File".
It's simply a marketing ploy to scare you and then maybe you'll then download Avast AntiVirus.

10K of temp files and/or cookies is not that unusual if you use your browser a lot and only clean once a week.

Change the report screen to one of the other options and you will be able to see just what files are being found to clean.

If you want to get your PC checked over then I suggest that you join the Malwarebytes forum and go to the Malware Removal section.
Follow the instructions and post your logs, one of their experts will check things over and advise you from there.
You don't need to actually have malware, they are happy to check anyones machine for free.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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