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Cleaning problem

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I ran "run cleaner" six consecutive times straight after each other, and after the initial clean each subsequent clean found more junk and tracking files(privacy) to delete.

Is this normal that the programme does not delete everything during the first clean?

I am using the latest free version on Windows 10 Home.

Thank you.

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You will usually find (the same) files again on a second or subsequent run.

This is because CCleaner deletes some Windows files as an easier alrernative to editing them.
Windows then (almost immediately) recreates those files to store more junk in when needed.
If you keep deleting them with CC then after a few times Windows doesn't recrate them straight away but runs a diagnostic to see why they keep being deleted. When that happens CC can no longer see them to delete, but they will come back later once the Windows diagnostic has finished.

For a while now CCleaner has called everything it finds a 'Tracking File' , but they are not what you or I would call a tracking file - it's just an advertising ploy to make you think you are being infected and maybe get Avast antivirus.
Switch from the basic results display to one of the advanced displays to see what it's actually finding.

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