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On my Main Machine: Mouse or Explorer.exe hangs system.

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Hi - You guys helped me some time ago with W7 crashing on this machine.  Thanks for that.

Now, the MAIN machine has not had that problem but recently the mouse (or maybe it is explorer.exe) freezes the system.
What I mean is that the mouse and keyboard become unresponsive and whatever programs are funning just stop processing.

I installed a new Logitch driver and Setpoint thingie, but they have not helped the situation.

Sometimes, I notice it when I I grab  window to move it to another part of the screen.

Or, sometimes when I select some text in a window to copy it.

It drives me nuts as I loose work that I need., plus wastes time, etc.

I reboot and then is it good for a day sometimes several days, but I have no idea what is causing it.

My W7 is up tto date with updates.  Thanks in advance for any ehlp.

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so many ways for it...


ram, hdd, another hardware-issues, wrong driver (also from windows update, also for another hardware), cpu- or mainboard overheading, perhaps a hardware issue with usb-ports on your mainboard..., are the cables connected correctly? and so on...


i remember me darkly from andavari - System File Scanning -> have you tried "sfc /scannow"?


have you tried uninstall the mouse and keyboard driver and work with standard-generic-driver for both that windows give you? (perhaps you can work without the "special-features" of your mouse and keybord for a while to find the problem) :-)



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