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CCleaner and an SSD

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I can't find a topic for asking a question so have chosen this one.

I have used CCleaner (Windows 10) to clean unused space on some hard drives. I now want to do the same to my C drive which is an SSD. As usual it includes the operating system and programs.

Question 1: Is it safe to use CCleaner to delete unused space on any C drive whether spinning or an SSD (which obviously has the operating system actually in use at that time)?

Question 2: Is it safe to use CCleaner to delete unused space on an SSD (whether it is the C drive or any drive)?



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By deleting unused space I assume you mean wipe free space?

Don't run Wipe Free Space or Secure File Deletion on an SSD. If TRIM is enabled (i.e you didn't get your pc from a museum) then it will perform the same function as WFS and SD. Occasionally run a Defrag Optimise to clear up any TRIM commands that have not been executed.

You can run the normal CC functions - deleting unwanted files etc - as usual.

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