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windows 10 ransomware protection

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I've enabled ransomware protection in windows 10.

I got notification that ccleaner64.exe is prevented from making changes to memory.


I can add ccleaner64.exe to the exception list, but IMO that should be avoided.

Is it possible to change this behavior at the ccleaner level?

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I'd suggest the problem is with Windows poor try at anti-ransom protection.

I've had problems previously with Windows 10's own ransomware protection. AKA 'Controlled Folder Access'.

It was (and still is?) very poorly executed.

When it was first introduced it worked by stopping everything except Microsoft applications writing anything at all to your 'user' and 'system' folders.

That did mean ransomware couldn't encrypt your files in those folders, but it also meant that nothing except MS applications could save anything at all.
(Because MS applications could never be infiltrated, right?).

I soon turned it off once I realised why I could suddenly no longer save documents, pictures, or other files. (Unless I used Microsoft's own software).

There are much better anti-ansomware applications out there, that work without tying one hand behind your back.
Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, or Zone Alarm are among the popular ones for home use.

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