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ringing in unwanted programs when you're buying something

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I need to contact Piriform or CCleaner to discuss a problem with my order and I can't find a way to contact them directly.  I was getting the free edition of CCleaner, recommended in a book I was reading, and suddenly a program (5.51) or something popped up while I was keying in the program I wanted.  Before I could stop, I had keyed in "yes" and suddenly I had purchased whatever it was.  I searched and found it was the $19.95 version of what I wanted to get FREE.  This is a very dirty trick as far as I am concerned.  I didn't want that program and I have no way to contact them and ask them to take it back and give me my money back!.  Anybody have any info on how to contact the money people and see about getting my money refunded and the program returned so I just have the free program?  Thank you so much.


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i've forwarded this to the management so they'll see it, but keep in mind that it's Christmas so they might not see it immediately.

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Just to ask; where were you downloading this from?

5.51 could be either the Free or Pro version.

Did you key in any payment/card details?
Did you receive an Activation Code to also key in?
If not then you haven't bought anything and have downloaded the Free version.

If you were downloading it directly from Piriform, or from the Filehippo site (which is the 'official' distributor), then they would not have your payment/card details so could not have taken any payment from you.
Unless you subsequently keyed in your card details, which would hardly be 'suddenly'.
(And would be an odd thing to do if you wanted the free version).

Any of the 'non-afiliated' download sites that carry CCleaner would not have your payment/card details either.

However if you have purchased it from Amazon, or the like, then what you have purchased is an Activation Code.
In that case you would need to contact the company that was selling it on Amazon, rather than Pirform themselves.
If you purchased it directly from a computer stores website, then you should contact that particular store.

PS. have you installed and run the programme?
If you have then it will tell you in the top-left corner if you have the Free or Pro version.


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Hi again Carolynn,

I've replied to your PM seperately, as you say you didn't give them any card details then there is no way they could have taken any payment so you are fine.

If you are seeing the 'Pro' features enabled then you will have downloaded a 14-day trial, which will just disable the Pro features after 14 days leaving you with the Free version.

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