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Recently I posted a question about keyboard not working. It was very unique situation,  That's why I posted the question here where (I assumed) most people are above average computer knowledge and take special interest in computer related things.

I understand there are zillions of  problems rising from suing computers, network, software/hardware, etc..BUT I assumed since computer things are afterall LOGICAL, not some unknown spiritual weird things that everybody has an opinion but nobody really knows anything.

So I thought forums like this at least would've had the same problem or at least heard of similar problems.  That couple with many contributors here who are very smart people.

BUT what I constantly find, to my disgust, is even popular contributors just quote some standard lines that anybody can "google", or some standard manufacturer' manual.  That don;t help answer questions.  I wanted replies people who had same or similar problems, or known about it before.  I expected some "intelligent" replies.

Sure people can claim so many questions thus can't know them all.  True but anybody who take passion as profession or weekend junkie know details.  Even correct poster's question and direct them to right direction.

Ex: In a gym, fat lady asks trainer, which machine will help her lose weight.  It's a question, sure, but rather ignorant, so trainer smiles and helps her use all machines to help lose weight.

It's a job for "expert" to help us newbie.

Back to my keyboard question.  AS it turned out NOBODY in the world had same problems before.  I am THE ONLY person who had keyboard not working problem.  As I try to find solution, I notice that after 5-10mins plug in same or different keyboard, it all works fine.  WHY? I have NO idea.  But I am sure somebody would've had same experience before.  Nobody mentioned this, only same typical, update driver, uninstall/install, reboot, etc...NONE of that worked that's why I posted the question.  Maybe next step is to re-install Windows 10, who knows???

Funny someone replied few times directed me to Troubleshoot option in Windows 10,  I thought it was something unique.  Well all it does is automatically what I can to manually in device manager, that is..update driver, uninstall/install, reboot, etc...So afterwards, I am thinking why the hell did this person (who post many here here) post the reply as thought some magic solution, all the while fully knowing that it was nothing more than "google" your answer.  In fact I am surprised that go "google" it wasn;t mentioned.  LOL

Anyway, I enjoy using CCleaner, but not gonna waste time asking questions here.  IMHO total waste of time.

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It's best not to open 2 threads at once about the same subject.

As far as I can see reading your original thread


2 members tried to help you with various ideas..

But apparently that is not good enough for you. You want a dedicated fix for YOUR machine and you want it NOW.

We cannot physically see your machine or physically test it as we would do if it was in front of us, so we did our best despite the fact we had no info about the actual machine to go on (make/model etc)

You said you expected intelligent replies but didn't get any.

 Good start to my day hearing that I lack intelligence.






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for every computer glitch, hardware issue, software bug - someone has to be the first.
maybe you really are the first for your problem.

the average forum user that repeatedly signs in does so with the aim of helping others.
if your problem hasn't been addressed, you fall into three categories;

  • no-one can help
  • no-one cares
  • the person who can help hasn't seen your post

don't forget this is a community forum, used by volunteers, freely giving up their time and offering advice when and where they can.
if you don't like the advice already offered or feel unsatisfied, there is nothing stopping you from seeking advice from other forums, such as, PC Help Forum, Wilders or Computer Hope.

Backup now & backup often.
It's your digital life - protect it with a backup.
Three things are certain; Birth, Death and loss of data. You control the last.

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A situation like this is frustrating. I have had similar help frustrations. But just for a second think about it in a different context.

Imagine that you say:
"My car makes a squeaking noise when I start it.  Sometimes, but not always. Also this noise starts and stops sometimes but shows no particular pattern. What causes that?"
Your friends may offer suggestions, but if they don't work you don't blame the friends, right? Without more to go on, its a needle in a haystack. Remember that one, mta?  :) 
However, if a helper holds himself out as an expert, or charges a fee to fix it, that is an entirely different relationship.

If it was my computer/keyboard/mouse, at this point I would and seek more specialized help from the manufacturers of the devices, also maybe the windows 10 forums.
Also maybe think about consulting one of the specialized malware forums listed in rule 10 here: https://forum.piriform.com/announcement/15-forum-rules/
Not suggesting there is malware to be anxious about, just saying it's an option. 

Good luck, and post back what you find out if you can. 

The CCleaner SLIM version is always released a bit after any new version; when it is it will be HERE :-)

Pssssst: ... It isn't really a cloud. Its a bunch of big, giant servers.

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OMG,,this is what I get?

Andavari:  So I am "ungrateful crap"?

Hazelnut:  So I want everybody attention, just to work on my problem only?  Is this what I want? really?  OMG how SELFISH I am? LOL

These are exact reason why I posted this thread separately,  It isn't only about solving keyboard problem.  It 's how this forum and active members like Andavari, Hazelnut, etc.. replies to threads.  Most are worthless CRAPPY replies.

EX: yes I posted a keyboard question, Andavari replied basically saying, update driver, uninstall/re-install, etc..DUH..I done that already, not worked,  You said Try Troubleshoot option,  Hell I thought Troubleshoot option was something special, turned out it automates what I did manually in Device manager.  Well Andavari didn;t explain that.  So much for you EXPERT advice.  I am shocked you didn;t say "GOOGLE IT", LOL

AS for keyboard problem, it might have something to do with USB itself? low voltage? bad USB connection? Sure Windows 10 corruption(I reinstall Win 10, still same keyboard problem)?, power supply? grounding? etc...Many other things YOU, EXPERT, Andavari NEVER mentioned.  If you are such an EXPERT why not mention these things?

I checked with few computer geeks.  First thing all mentioned was check USB, it's common problem.  Why the hell didn't you know that Andavari?

We the novice come to forums like this to learn from experts and other people's experiences.  Needless to say, I am VERY VERY disappointed.

Also you replies to this thread.  So I am this ungrateful, selfish, attention monger? Really?  So turn the table on me?  You know who does that? GUILTY, lying person to cover up, defend their non sense,  Never admit any wrongdoing themselves.  yes YOU, Andavari...

AS great as CCLeaner been which I am grateful, I am VERY VERY disappointed with this forum, and certain EXPERT members.  What a SAD SAD life you guys have.  I fell so so sorry for you. I am sure you want the last word, but I am done here.  Gone for good.  Go ahead BAN me, isn;t that what you guys do when you are caught ignorant?  BYE BYE BYE

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It's a bit pointless you sticking around on a forum you think so little of :) 

You also don't like the people here no matter what they try to do to advise you.

So this thread is now closed and your ability to post is restricted.


Oh and by the way... Merry Xmas :)


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