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Ccleaner Pro 5.51.6939 virus detected "Trojan" "Win32"

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Its not a problem using the brain or hand 

in the old version 5.33 just one unknown AV says Malware  .. and other famous AVs detect nothing

we ignored that under the words >> false positive no more...

thanks for reply


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Online scanners may be using the Linux (or is it Unix) versions of the virus scanners (at least that's what Jotti's Malware Scan does) and not have the same detection the Windows versions have.

The best thing to do is report it to the antivirus software vendor by submitting the file as a possible false positive, if it's a false positive it won't take them long at all to remove it from being detected.

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21 hours ago, hazelnut said:

Please download it instead from CCleaner builds


Good advice!

When a new version is released look in the Announcements area of the forum for the version you've downloaded. For the past few months they've been posting the checksums/hashes of the downloads that you can compare against to insure you're getting the actual official files released by Piriform/Avast. See the most recent release announcement located here for an example, it lists the checksums/hashes in the post.

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