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Norton Are getting original


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i just love the first person's comment


Quote from Sheppard


What a joke.


They are just trying to appeal to the cool xbox 360 crowd. They still suck even with a "hip" new name.


You cant polish a turd......

Homer: I never apologise, im sorry Lisa. Thats just the way i am
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Thats excellent


I wonder when it screws your system if it displays Game Over on the screen :)


My Brother Installed some BT Internet Package earlier this week that used to have CA but now uses Norton and it kept displaying the system was infected with ETD Scanner for harmless files like DVD software and installers, I checked his system today and Norton has added ETD Scanner to his exclusion list, I assume it has been done through a Live update which shows they know about the problem but thought its a better idea to hide it than fix it. :blink:

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