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This has become garbage software

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Just updated my free version of CCleaner to 5.50 and the first thing it does is start pushing adds.

I just want to say that Avast has done a real good job of riding what used to be GOOD software straight into the ground.

Two reasons why I will NEVER purchase CCleaner ........

1. Forced adds and popups (I really don't care if the adds go away after paid, shouldn't get them in the first place)

2. No true lifetime license model. (CCleaner hasn't changed all that much over the years to warrant having to pay for it yearly)

CCleaner USED to be at the top of my list as must have software, used to be.

Even with the $12 Black Friday deal, I STILL won't purchase it, I don't support companies that use pushed add tactics, if I want to buy it I will, if not then leave me alone

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