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CCleaner v5.50.6911


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We're pleased to announce the latest release of CCleaner for Windows.

In this release, we’ve improved update settings.

Software Updates
Based on your feedback this version offers more control and transparency over when updates are performed. More information on these changes can be found on the CCleaner Blog.

  • Added new menu: ‘Options’ > ‘Updates’
  • Moved ‘Inform me of updates to CCleaner’ setting to the ‘Updates’ menu
  • Replaced ‘Enable silent background updates’ setting with separate settings for automatic product updates and product update notifications
  • Added new settings to control important updates and their notifications
  • Automatic product updates are now enabled for anyone upgrading to CCleaner Professional (these can be disabled in the ‘Updates’ menu)

Download now! 
You can download CCleaner Free here.

Fancy a few more features? Download the CCleaner Professional trial version here

If you are already a CCleaner Professional user your installation will update automatically.

Stay up to date!
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File Verification

Please find below the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes for verification purposes.

CCleaner Installers

ccsetup550.exe - CCleaner Free Installer
    MD5: 6a56e6bd3e339b0b873a7c339616d72a
    SHA256: d85858043cf20ac3593dc3160afb5ea7cecaf51f8d7a84c4a4299bc5381c2e91

ccsetup550_pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Installer
    MD5: 7c6124d859d817ea7d4c5d8219d19ceb
    SHA256: 1663be6678b29000b373f41c4f359cd2e189ef253e450a0b86a372fc4537b4a1

ccsetup550pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Trial Installer
    MD5: f9a99422941857742b83f407cf229da0
    SHA256: 6505420af9a84bd848a6dfbfc6b4039f71227d48b183c894378e3861ae8c9c1e

ccsetup550.zip - CCleaner Portable (zipped)
    MD5: 229f3bfbe15fe20ce868f99d55f533aa
    SHA256: f8edfb434fd845259cfad8078dbf9873e318a38d8a74549a535bc5c47fe1bf91

ccsetup550_slim.exe - CCleaner Free Slim Installer
    MD5: 45cb380b4fc05126cfc93c5e10cbe519
    SHA256: 91b8dad2f736fc5a23e0e5ef98e698914363f50cd1ec816859bc32fe961ea95d

ccsetup550_be.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Installer
    MD5: 835e2439e2a7c45e1c10909e5ec7d944
    SHA256: fc4e9e4f50e4c81f6ab4c49f78123516133abc40fa34e6637e7a43a6dd64fccf

ccsetup550_be_trial.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Trial Installer
    MD5: 6dc454f6b40b8f29eec450b3cfc3e615
    SHA256: 37dd28abc36c47e88cc2ea9fe218f5dac041d100772219e137a51475db8dae55

ccsetup550_x64_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 64-bit MSI Installer
    MD5: 48e6f4f33b077535592773b7d559f5c4
    SHA256: 40e3623d648982edd95305347d320d8d43ea12c7a1095daa713e5f65043305c5

ccsetup550_x86_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 32-bit MSI Installer
    MD5: 4b11b51b651af636de8b876b1fc562de
    SHA256: 421fab8b623caf7e2dc0521c61b67c4dbf33cc4556f12650ddf8519855c501c3

ccsetup550_te.exe - CCleaner Technician Edition Installer
    MD5: 3d1072cb1a13623df94ce06bced8f265
    SHA256: 7c784ae9b65a5c1f1ce73c3ae1d8e589b7fd6c095b5191bbf5e5f49d7913d5c1

CCleaner Application Executables

CCleaner.exe - CCleaner 32-bit binaries
    MD5:    c600a8bf59c3304cf0cd4a80ffebf197
    SHA256:    ae7881fd99c60db797968663c5c0525e9dc110c65a1efb8698832a6dee64b98f

CCleaner64.exe - CCleaner 64-bit binaries
    MD5:    91d01d7b0835671bf21873c87222c8d7
    SHA256:    18685b196733dfe6fafcc888940361b35e12b428b8843b53c32cc043f7537753

CCUpdate.exe - CCleaner Emergency Updater
    MD5:    4a0180241a09219845738a6f351f67e1
    SHA256:    508e79767936e81b31e6e5f574fbc3edc85f4212fede26033b4624544e2a5bc3

Edited by Stephen Piriform
Added file hashes
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