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Keyboard not working....sometimes


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I have desktop, Windows 10.

For over five years keyboard never failed, but lately every few days keyboard does weird things.

Keys stick, backspace slow to work then not work, Win-E(open explorer not work), press one key then same letter repeats few times, etc..

All very strange keyboard actions.

So I tried new keyboard, It work perfectly..for few days, and not work again like old keyboard.

So I did following..

Unplug, reboot, let computer install keyboard..no luck

Device manager, Keyboard, uninstall, reboot..no luck

Device manager, update driver....no luck

As you can see I tried everything yet can't get keyboard working...

THEN..out of no where...I see Windows installing new device(message lower right corner monitor)..now keyboard working..for few days then no work again.

Also,,out of no where...while keyboard connected but not working, now keyboard works fine..God only knows how long keyboard will work this time...LOL

Only option left is re-install Windows 10, but who knows it will help??

I searched all possible options for keyboard not working..NO help..only update driver, uninstall/install, reboot..etc...

So the question is has anyone experienced keyboard suddenly not working? 


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Not wireless keyboard and mouse. They are USB.

Also even mouse sometimes stop working.  SO I have to plug into different USB.  Sometimes unplug then plug into same USB, mouse work again. That's strange.

I have (6) USB on desktop. Just to make sure USBs are working, I plugged in external HDD, and HDD work fine, USB no problem.

Another thing. After uninstall keyboard in device manager, reboot, computer does not recognize and install new device(keyboard) and not show popup message lower right corner.

But in device manager keyboard in shown installed. But Keyboard not working.

Then out of no where suddenly keyboard start to work while computer is on.

Just to mention on screen keyboard work fine.  So all key board functions are working like win-e(open explorer), backspace, all keys, etc.

Computer is using generic Microsoft keyboard driver, HID Keyboard Device.

I tried to find other keyboard driver, not no luck.  Keyboard is generic simple no name bought from local store, no driver included.

So maybe just re-install Windows 10? Not a guarantee keyboard work?


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This is most weird strange thing I seen computer does....

After keyboard not working again, done troubleshoot(nothing happen), uninstall keyboard, reboot, plug into different USB, etc..

Still keyboard not work, then after 5-10mins suddenly keyboard work perfectly,

No messages, no new device installed messages, nothing..but keyboard work again.

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Hummm??? After trying Troubleshoot option per " Try  Windows 10 Settings...Update and Security...Troubleshoot (on left hand side) ",

I am wondering how is that any different than what I tried in device manager? Uninstall, Update driver, reboot, etc..

It does exact same thing.

I was excited at first but now I find out, no help at all.

So nobody here ever had keyboard not working?

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Could be caused by a number of things:
* The newest Windows Update.
* Keyboard is worn out and needs replaced.
* USB port is dirty, spray compressed air into it on the computer and device to remove dust.
* USB port issues.

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Windows is up to date.

Not old keyboard, also brand new keyboard not work sometimes too., so not keyboard issue.

USB ports ok cus I can connect external HDD, no problem.

Dirty USB? interesting? I will try but if dirty USB thus intermittent contacts then why external HDD work no problem?

My original post mentioned that I tried most all options before posting here.

Out of millions computers used and zillions forums, am I the only person with windows keyboard problem?

Is my keyboard issue so unique?

All mystery to me???

BUT so far ok cus keyboard works for few days then not work, so I change to different keyboard, then in 5-10mins keyboard works again(last few times).

It's such a random problem hard to pin point and trouble shoot exactly.

I was hoping somebody here have already experienced the same keyboard not working issue but I guess not.


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