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Speccy shows empty PCI slots "in use"?

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My son's PC has a mobo with 3 PCI slots -- one x16, the other two x1, model Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H. Only the x16 slot is filled, with a GTX 1060 graphics card, but when I run Speccy it shows all 3 slots "in use". Reason? Could the 1060 be using all the lanes, even though just one slot? (sorry, don't really understand lanes -- just guessing!). Will we be able to use one of the empty x1 slots or not?  Or is this a known Speccy issue?  Thanks!

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Thanks for the reply.  Physically I have no doubt there is room to use at least one of the x1 slots, but I have not put anything in them yet.  I'm just puzzled by Speccy saying these slots are already "in use" when they are empty.  (And I'm wondering whether "in use" means their resources are tied-up, even though the slots have nothing in them -- but that's just a guess.)   I'm getting the idea it is not a common issue, as I'm not finding anything to explain it so far.  Thanks again.

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