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How to delete a deleted file from the list

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I deleted a file "normally" without going through a secure erasure software.
So I later used a tool to rewrite the partition so that it is no longer recoverable.
Problem, the file name remains visible in Recuva.
Can we delete only one line from the list of deleted files from Recuva?
I did not manage to do it.

Thank you


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You cannot remove the file name from the MFT with Recuva. You can overwrite the file's clusters but the file name will remain.

If you Wipe Free Space with Drive Wiper in Ccleaner it will overwrite all the deleted file names. Perhaps you could try this.

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Hello, after many researches I ended up finding the solution using the software "directory snoop", it allows to go to delete an entry of the MFT so that it is not visible anymore under recuva. Hoping that it can help other people! Have a good day

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