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Save, Pause, Clarification, and Restructuring

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 I'm using Recuva for the first time. This is the first time I've used drive recovery software since the IDE was the sole drive type.

I'm running recuva now on a WD 1TB drive that became inaccessible. The files are accessible since I recovered a few last night.

A 'Pause' button would be good. I see ETA times of several days or 10-15 hours and can't really run my laptop continuously for days. Alterenatively, a 'Stop' button that save results so the computer can be powered down without Recuva dumping data.

Alternatively, clarify what expectation may be reasonable in an instance such as mine. A video of a drive recovery would be nice.

Since most if not all of the files on my hard drive may be accessible, cannot those parts of the drive be restructured, so files do not have to be moved?

Thank you,

Jim Julian



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The larger disks get, the more difficult it is for both recovery software and the poor person handling the recovery to manage such large amounts of data.

Whilst a pause or save facility might seem a good idea it brings the problems that if the pc is being used then the underlying data is being changed, it would taks some time to reload or locate previously found data, and worse of all Recuva would have to write a fair amount of data to the disk, which is something that it tries very hard not to do, as this can destroy what's trying to be recovered.

Files can't be reconstructed or recovered in place. The complexities of modifying MFT records, MFT bit map, cluster bitmap, folder entries, and clusters (even assuming that they were still available for resurrection, would be horrendous. Add MFT extension records, index records etc and it's even worse. NTFS does not allow anyone to touch system metafiles either. Recovery to another device is just, well, safer by far.

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