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The Who deleted 798 gb dat

Doesent show up anything when all steps are completed

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  i accidently deleted all my files (798gb) in my hard disk (:F) music,games,movies and all my family photos:( 

first when i started with deep scan  and  it took 3 hours to finish step 1 then suddenly program crashed for no reason (it closed my eng sucks)

in my second attempt it took 3 three hours again and then in step 2 it crashed the whole pc 

on my third attempt i patiently wait 3 hours again ... when it s completed(%100 all steps) there was no files at all  (program didn t show me any files for recovery)

but when i tried to cancel the scanning progress at %4  i saw some of my music and i could recover them so...

What am i doing wrong on this situation why it doesent show up anything when all the steps are done PLEASE HELP!!!


or  I am  in really big trouble


11th grade kid

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Similar problem here -  and now on two different drives. The first time it happened last week - an external HD where I had just accidentally deleted a video file (not via the trash bin), noticed immediately and used Recuva to recover it - Recuva found 0 (yes, zero!!!!) files on that disk. Different searches (removing all filters), but Recuva found NOTHING.

Then, today, I accidentally deleted the wrong raw file on my camera's SD card. Again, I noticed *immediately* and tried to get it back with Recuva - but again, NOTHING.


The software said something about over 30,000 files found and around 27,000 filtered, but showed NOTHING.


The software has become completely useless for me. In both cases, NOTHING was overwritten on the disk, I noticed the error immediately and started the recovery process immediately.

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I don't think that your problem is similar to the O/P's. He or she has obviously done something at the global level, perhaps formatting the drive. I doubt very much whather all 798gb of files were shift/del'd individually.

Do you mean on a scan with no filters applied no files were returned? I have never known this in over ten years of using Recuva on internal and occasional external drives. Or do you mean that your video wasn't found? That's quite possible. It's difficult to advise without more info.

This should be continued on your other thread.

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