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Security for xp 64 bit professional

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Hi All

Just upgraded to 64 bit this weekend. Other than a few issues, I have to say this thing is nearly ready for the mainstream if you've got all newer hardware and software you should few if any insurmountable issues. Only bad thing is you'll definetly need new disk utilities, antivirus and registry cleaners but you should expect a bit of that by now if you have done your homework.


My ISP is earthlink. Their antivirus/malware control center loads but either there's a glitch or something crawled in and shut it off because now I can't scan my hard drives. Temporarily I'm running Avast and ghostwall firewall.


Just trying to get a discussion going about what everyone might be using for security utilities in 64 bit windows. I am using ccleaner for a registry cleaner, so far that works great. Thanks for discussing.

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Great topic. I would like to hear people's thoughts on this too. I am going to upgrade soon, and I have been wondering the same things. :)


Thanks in Advance.

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