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My computer Harddisk, USB Pen Drives, USB Harddisk, and Other Harddisk is infected from the "MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase" & "tracking.log" .

i'm trying to all antiviruses but it not remove, even i formatted the Harddisk, Pen Drives, USB HardDisk but not solve the problem.

i attach the ScreenShots, please see and help me.




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See answer given here



Inside the SVI folder there is a sub-folder named "_restore{75FEF8DD-9121-4963-A5E8-46DB4BB6F162}" (the CSLID will vary) and usually two files:
MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase <- 0 byte system file associated with Dynamic Disks/Volumes
tracking.log <- maintenance information stored by the DLT Client service which monitors activity on NTFS volumes


CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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You should not be tampering with this folder. Doing so could cause problems with proper system functioning.

Thought that was interesting in Hazelnut's link in the above post since a very popular freeware Chinese antivirus copies stuff in System Volume Information, and uninstalling it doesn't get rid of it and neither does having System Restore delete all restore points (takes a Linux distro to remove the leftovers).

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