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I have CCCleaner Pro. I understand it is on duty full time.However I would like that my identifier for my bank accounts do not get erased five times a day. It is very annoying. How can I get the software not to erase my identifier. Stangely enough my identifier for Facebook does not get erased.

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It's probably not CC that is doing this, especially as other logins are being left alone.

I'm betting it's a change your bank has made as an extra security measure.

Many accounts dealing with financial transactions do not now allow the autofilling of user IDs or passwords. Even those that did allow it in the past may have changed.

I have a couple of sites I visit regularly that now do this, you have to manually enter your password every time you visit. (You didn't have to in the past).

You could try stopping CC using the Task Manager and seeing if the banking site will then remember your ID, but I'm betting it won't do.

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