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build me my dream computer!


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lol wat do you want me to do? pay for it with my credit card?!?!

IM 14!!!

and i would have to convince my dad that this site is trustworthy.

Well, I don't know if this would sway your father's opinion any, but I personally have spent around $5,000 at Newegg.com in the last 6 months, building computers for people professionally. Newegg NEVER sends parts late, Newegg NEVER sends parts damaged (that is, damage due to improper packaging or shipping on their part), and Newegg has an excellent user base that rates parts and lists their pros and cons, so you can always be sure you are making a well informed decision before spending money.


If you truly wanted to buy your parts at a store, I can assure you that you would probably spend anywhere from 30-50% more on the same parts! For example, a 300 GB Maxtor HD on Newegg might be $90, while at Staples, it would be $160. And yes, it really is that big of a price difference! Not to mention, by choosing to shop at a store instead of online, your selection is EXTREMELY limited!! You will end up with less than the best, and a dream rig shouldn't have to suffer that fate. :)


Happy shopping!

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shut up fanboy

Oh, and by the way, whatever you do, DO NOT buy an Nvidia graphics card, as they are total crapfests. :P






j / k

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Oh, and by the way, whatever you do, DO NOT buy an Nvidia graphics card, as they are total crapfests. :P



You're pushing it now :P


Good brands in order of l337ness (IMHO)


Mobos: Asus (Great all-round), ABit (great for overclocking), DFI (pretty UV reflective boards for LANners) MSI/Gigabyte (decent mid-range boards), ECS (absolutely horrible. Extremely Cr*ppy systems. I've got one :( )


CPU: AMD (Faster, less power consumption, overclocks easily), Intel (close, Intel isn't bad...)


PSU: Antec (absolutely no competition at all)


GPU: nVidia, ATi (ATi used to be superior. Now they've fallen behind)

nVidia manufacturers: eVGA, [bFG, XFX] tie, PNY, other

ATi manufactueres: Sapphire? Dunno


RAM: Corsair, OCZ, others. Good RAM can make a sizeable difference, but not that much. Beware of Kingston Value RAM. That and my ECS mobo gave me repeated blue screens.


Memory: Possibly Western Digital, due to their high-volume/low cost drives, Raptors, etc.

Second might be Hitachi or Seagate, both haven't been doing too well (Hitachi is losing money cuz ipods are using less microdrives, Seagate ... well... haven't heard from them in a while)


Monitors: Samsung! (Ok, I'm a little biased because I loooove my SyncMaster930B), Viewsonic, Dell (?)


Coolers: Zalman, Antec, Coolermaster, (I've heard really bad things about thermaltake, but haven't had much problems with them myself)


Peripherals: Logitech, Razer... but any good keyboard/ mouse is fine.

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You're pushing it now :P

Yeah, I actually love Nvidia's new cards, I was just returning the crap to kk56 (he's a big Nvidia fan :P ).



Excellent review of products, zaph! Couldn'tve said it better myself!


My only disagreement (and it is just a small one, but I figure I'll give a second opinion) is:


Seagate is probably THE BEST hard drive you can buy right now. That 750 GB perpendicular drive that just came out was a Seagate, and since then, they have come out with a dozen other perpendicular drives, which means far greater storage at lower cost to both you and them! I personally just bought a pair of perpendicular storage 320 GB Seagate HDs with 16 MB caches, and I can't wait to test them out! Not to mention, Seagate makes the most stable drives; they come with a 5 year warranty!!! For some things, warranty isn't a big deal, but since hard drives contain all of your priceless data, drive stability is a major selling point, and Seagate offers that.


Anyways, hope your comp is coming together well, neighberaaron. I hate furbies.

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