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Stuck at 0% for hours. Perhaps due to "wofcompresseddata" files?


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The latest version of defraggler will not get past 0% on this one laptop I have.

Specifically,  it is the first "block" it will not get out of (1 wide,  3 high).

I tried moving the files in that block to the end of the disk but was left with some un-movable files, some due to access denied (sys vol info files), and the rest were files that end with ":wofcompresseddata".

I suspect that defraggler is not handling these correctly and is therefore commuting halt trying to move them even though it can't.

Please let me know. 

Thank you. 

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After,  retrying moving the files in the "locked" block several times I was finally able to get it past the first "block", but it is still stuck at 0%, and I haven't been able to get it past the sixth or seventh "block".

So far I have gotten it to go further by forcing it to move all files in the block it got stuck on to the end of the drive,  but that only gets me so far and it often resets next time I start the defrag and it doesn't make it as far.

I am currently running defraggler from the recovery console to avoid files being locked, but I am still having the same issue. 

Please note that "block" is not meant to refer to any standard drive storage grouping. Instead it is just the visual grouping of files based on the setting mentioned above.

Is there any analysis I could do to help identify the problem so it could be eliminated for all users?

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