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 One of the first things CC Cleaner should be looking for is Tracking Cookies. These can be VERY DANGEROUS! AVG INTERNET SECURITY was my most dependable source for years of finding them,  putting them into quartine and showing you the list of them. You could click on the list_one at a time- and be taken to a page that explained what the Cookie did and why it was a high-security risk.

 I quit AVG-and my subscription doesn't run out until December because the last program they came out with NEVER FOUND ONE TRACKING COOKIE. I am bad to browse around on the internet and in doing so I ALWAYS picked up these Cookies. There are only a few possible explanations for this. Windows Edge is SO GOOD that they are blocked, Malwarebytes, now a full-fledged anti-virus program is so good at blocking them I never get one. making my computer impenetrable, or there are no more tracking cookies out there! HA! and HA! To all. Why bother with a few cookies that only helps you get to where you want to go on the internet when a search for TRACKING COOKIES like a TROJAN, KEYSTROKE, WORMS, and others loaded on the computer that no one is even looking for anymore!  

 If CC Cleaner wants to have pay for their service, then let's HAVE SERVICE! I won't renew my service unless they offer this service. I was lead to believe that CC Cleaner DID remover Tracking cookies, but I have gone through all the setting and the only Cookies I have found so far are from familiar or infrequently visited sites and no details of them posing a threat or a definition is offered by CC Cleaner. I don't want to be unreasonable, but if there is a way of setting CC Cleaner to remove them, then I would like to be told where it is and how to activate it or I am moving on. I just tried Norton, and they never picked up a single Tracking Cookie and Malwarebytes, which I have a Lifetime Subscription to, will not work with other anti-virus programs like they once did because they went from a Front-Line Defender only, to a Full Security Program. I have posied the question to them and they didn't know what I was talking about! When asked if there were another Anti-Virus or another Computer Protection Program only out that would work with, Malwarebytes said NO!

 That would make it worth something to buy! Otherwise, I am just going to something else to Clean the Computer for Junk or duplicate files. The free CC Cleaner and the PROFESSIONAL are not THAT much different when you download [voldemort]. It adds everything you get here right on to CC Cleaner!

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I'm not sure I follow what you mean, ccleaner already cleans cookies (tracking and otherwise) for all known browser families (Ie/Edge, Firefox, Opera and Chrome).  Also the enhancing software which we don't mention here (renamed voldemort in your post) is very different from the pro version of ccleaner. Voldemort adds new cleaning rules while pro gives you features not seen in free (multiuser cleaning, automatic updates) and gives a year of priority support from the developers.

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