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External SSD HD with a lost partiton. Reinitalize partion first?

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I've got a (friends Toshiba) 1TB SSD external hard drive with USB3 interface. Three separate systems (Win 7, 10 and a Linux variant) do 'see' the drive but the partition information is clearly corrupt in some way. Windows Disk Management reports the drive contents are "unallocated". Is it my best option to establish a new partition and then run try to run Recouva? 

I considered breaking open that snazzy Toshiba enclosure, and installing the drive in a desktop system, but I seems unnecessary at this point.

I spent the $20 based on numerous positive reviews. However, in my situation that may have been premature? Any knowledgeable advice would be appreciated.

Cheers, Dane

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I have the same problem - deleted partition but the partition could be recovered.

Recuva found the whole partition and I am slowly recovering my lost data.


You would think that if Recuva could find the whole partition, it could write THAT information back into the hard drive. And thusly fully restore the drive.


It is taking me days and days and will take WEEKS to recover the lost data from my 2TB external drive.


I am afraid to re-partition the drive for fear of permanently losing everything (mostly baby pictures and such for 20 years ago that are irreplaceable).


I do not suggest reinitializing any partition or MBR for a drive you want to save data from. Wait for the experts to tell you.


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