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CCleaner Disk Analyzer - reported file sizes are large and wrong

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I have tried using Disk Analyzer to find large files on my HD.  But the reported file sizes are extremely large and wrong.  I have a 500GB SSD, but for example, the Pictures file types are reported as total of 962,609,651,331.62 MB, and an individual file is reported as 29,961,691,856,896 KB, etc.  The total of All Categories is correctly reported as 476,549.05 MB  Screen shot attached.

CCleaner disk analyzer screen shot.JPG

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That issue crops up every now and then, I doubt that it's an issue with Microsoft Surface Pro since it's going to be using consumer based disk drives anyone could buy. It's possibly a bug in CCleaner or possibly due to some hard disk or SSD error. When it's been reported in the past I don't off hand remember anyone stating they've ran a scan with ChkDsk to see if that remedies the issue.

So, something that "may be worth trying" is the run a thorough scan with ChkDsk using chkdsk /r on the affected systems to see if that changes anything.

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