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I'm not as savvy as some, I'm sure, when it comes to the duplicate files. Mine all seem to be driver files in two locations and I have no clue which I should delete or if I should delete neither or none as some have 5 or 6 duplicates. Is there a trick I've never been taught? Thanks.

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Best 'trick' -

If they are your files- Documents, photos, etc. - Then you know which to keep and which are duplicates that you don't want.

If they are System Files, drivers, etc. - Leave them alone, removing them could stop your computer working properly or stop it working altogether.

With System Files, drivers,etc. -
Sometimes the same file is needed in more than one location.
Some of the 'files' may be shortcuts rather than duplicates. (because it's needed in more than one location).
Some files that look identical, same name/date/size, may in fact have totally different contents.

If in any doubt at all, or if you don't know exactly what they are, then leave them alone.

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