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Ccleaner not wiping Firefox 'sites visited'

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I'm uncertain as to whether this is a Ccleaner issue or a Firefox one.  Used to be that after I ran Ccleaner, if I'd go to the Firefox address bar and type the letter e, I might get a suggestion in the address bar, but it would always be a site starting with the letter e that was already in my Bookmarks.  Once I'd been surfing for a while, then if I typed the letter e, eBay.com would invariably pop up in the address bar, if I'd been there in that session.  Same goes for amazon.com with the letter a, or my company's name if I typed-in the first letter, all because I'd visited those sites since running Ccleaner.  Running Ccleaner again would purge the record of these sites visited, and they would gradually repopulate as I manually navigated to them.

Effective with some Ccleaner (or Firefox) update within the last couple of months, those frequently-used sites are not being purged.  I can run Ccleaner, and even go into Firefox and confirm that History has been deleted, even deleting the History manually through the Firefox interface.  Yet when I type an e, eBay pops up, and the same goes for any site I've visited since all this started... maybe not the first letter of the name, of course, but if the second or third letter delineates the Website, there it is.  Even random sites I've visited only once will pop into the address bar.

My question is, where is this information stored, and why is Ccleaner no longer wiping it?  I could write a Ccleaner/Options/Include command easily enough if I knew where this list of visited sites is kept, but it used to be wiped as a matter of course.

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