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New Beta Release Progamme

Guest Ben CCleaner

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Guest Ben CCleaner

Welcome to the CCleaner Beta Section!

You have been telling us for some time now that you want to get bug fixes without out having to wait a month between releases. In response, we've started up a new Beta programme.

Available to everyone, Beta releases are an interim version that requires user testing prior to the full public release, they will typically contain bug fixes to important issues, the latest cleaning definitions and early looks at new features. Since the focus of these releases is on providing you with faster fixes and improvements they do not contain any installer offers such as Google Chrome or Avast Antivirus.

We will announce new beta releases in this forum. To download one simply click the link in the announcement and install it like you would any other CCleaner version. When a non-Beta release is available you will be notified in the normal manner (or updated automatically if you have this feature enabled).

Please let us know what you think, especially if any fixes have not worked for you.

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