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How much does version 5.46 spy on you?

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I've read the official info on 5.46, but it seems to me that they just arranged the chairs on the titanic and that Ccleaner is still collecting all your data, with no possibility to turn it off. 

Anyone can confirm or deny this?

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In this release, we’ve made stability improvements and added better reporting to allow us to deliver faster bug fixes and software improvements.

[tinfoilhat] that was from the v5.46 changelog, and was the same phrasing they used before when things turned ugly - so read into that whatever you like. [/tinfoilhat]

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9 hours ago, Special said:

My firewall is still "going off" every time I start and run CCleaner, so it's still collecting your data, despite have all relevant options turned off.

I suspect that may be CCleaner checking home to see if there is a new version (but I could be wrong).
It is probably also the 'emergency' updater  - 'CCupdate.exe' - Checking home. That one allows them to push an update (or anything else) to you in an 'emergency' such as last years hack.

Try going to Options>Settings and unchecking 'Inform me of updates to CCleaner'.
Then delete C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCupdate.exe.

Check again if it is still hitting your firewall.

I have 'inform me of updates' unchecked, and always delete CCupdate.exe (I put it as in 'Include' in CCleaner itself). I am currently not seeing any connection to Piriform/Avast when running 5.46. I'm using netstat in a powershell to monitor it.

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Does Avast think that we are dumb ? Having to control outbound traffic to keep CCleaner from calling home is unacceptable. What a waste. I was really hoping that it wouldn't go that way.

Well there goes many years of relationship down the drain.

 See ya Avast.

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