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How to remove?

Windows 7, Program and Features, clicked "Uninstall", 3 options shown, clicked Modify and it loaded on a reboot after a hard close trying to get out of it.

Tis called Malware where I searched for "removal" online. CCleaner gave it to me, I want it gone. Please help!

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Click to UNINSTALL it in Programs and Feature. Don't click modify.

If it still won't uninstall then use this tool from Avast. Follow the instructions.


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Thank You!

The "Uninstall" button did not appear as an option on their screen.

So, I found and download their Clear utility program, with some trepidation, but it appears to have worked, knock on wood (tapping head). Online claims liking Avast to Malware had me searching for other options.

But ... Hopefully, the intruder has been fully removed!

Again, thank You!

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what makes you think Avast is malware, is it doing something malicious on your PC?
have you ran scans both from within Avast and by another independent program, say MalwareBytes, to confirm your PC is clean?

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