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Is v5.45.6611. 64 bit

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Is v5.45.6611. 64 bit the latest version?

Decision to ask would you go with AVG Antivirus or CCleaner?  or is one missing something from the other, do I need both?

My CCleaner It states 5.44.6575 is available to download!

I dont understand why Microsoft edge is always running when I don't use it CCleaner is asking do I want to close it.

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.45 was pulled more here


As for comparing avg to ccleaner, this is an official company website so no comparing won't be done.

Edge is used by many applications and Windows itself.  Do you have any other programs running (such as outlook or microsoft weather) when you are getting this message?

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as to AVG or CC - they are different beasts covering different areas.

AVG is for virus protection, CC (in its purest form) is for removing junk.
AVG is pro-active, CC is re-active.
an anti-virus program forms part of your daily, layered, PC security.
CC is a monthly maintenance utility.

I've kept this 'high level' but with AVG/Avast/Piriform/CC all under the one company, I can't see an issue.

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no, CC is not malware.
but like all popular software, malware idiots like to use the name of common programs to disguise their wares.
make sure you download CC from the Piriform website.

that article your link refers to was from the security breach Piriform had 12 months ago.
long since fixed.

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 Thanks Nergal found it.

To prevent apps from running in the background use the following steps:

·         Open Settings.

·         Click on Privacy.

·         Click on Background apps.

·         On the "Background apps" page use one of the two options: Turn off the Let apps run in the background toggle switch to disable all apps acquired from the Store.

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