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Recovering from SINGLE DESKTOP FILE after "User Profile" faux pas

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Good morning.  :)

W10 recently forced a temporary profile onto an offline computer. I am not sure if it was one of those forced Windows updates (though- when did I notice it was turned on, I switched it off again in "Settings")

This W10 action deleted my user profile & created a faux "administrator" one. My first response was to use "Explorer" to cut/paste everything from the old profile's "Desktop" onto the new user profile's "Desktop".  There was a pop-up on the lower right screen saying that files would not be saved after signing off (which I, ultimately, had to do as the computer hung). I am now back onto my now-barren desktop without any of those files on them.  I could not find any of those files in any search.  When I looked at the SIZE of the C: drive, it was far less, so my take is that the files were deleted as the pop-up stated.

I have tried different 3rd Party software programs. I opted for RECUVA PRO 1.53.1087 (64-bit) & installed it onto the same C: drive.  It was small so any overwriting would more than likely be small. as well. Is this going to cause an issue with recovering whatever is underneath it?

I scanned the C: drive once & it showed that there were files there, so... it looks promising.  I could see the list in the "Filename-Path-Last Modified-Size-State-Contact" window.

The second scan I did was a deep scan of the entire C: drive.  It got to the very end of stage 1 & just crashed.  The computer restarted itself.  I have no clue as to why that happened.

I began another deep scan, focusing only on the "Desktop" that was deleted.  All the folders I actually need to transfer are in THIS particular file. When I checked the computer the next day, It signed out (ALL the different times I ran a scan thus far had been from a REGULAR account with ACCOUNT PRIVILEGES). I ran another deep scan & it hung at 100% of stage 1.  Now, as of this writing, I am running a non-deep one. It has found close to 2 million files, so it IS reading something there.  The number of files is consistent in all the deep runs I have done.

Why is it hanging?  Is there something I am not doing correctly?  Please advise.


Also, is there a way that ALL the files can be saved as they were (in their own respective folders)?  It was a pain in the butt to get them all in order the fist time I set them onto the desktop.  I noticed that "Recuva" has a "tree" radio button on there when I first scanned it.  The folders didn't appear very neat upon my perusal, so am not sure if that means that it will all be transferred into some kind of strange arrangement this time around.  There is also a "Restore Folder Structure", but that is in the same sub-dialog box as the "Secure Overwriting" pull-down menu, so I do not want to lose anything permanently. 

I am aware that I have to direct the save to ONE specific folder on a different drive.  Just would like to know if there is anything I can do to make all the files sit nested in their prospective folders.

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