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what is the current version 5.44? 5.45? ...6575? ...6577?

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I have v5.45.661 installed on my Windows 7 PC. The free version of CCleaner.

When I click on "Check for updates" in the lower right corner of CCleaner, CCleaner website says "A new version, 5.44.6575 is available to download!" On that page when I click on the "no thanks" for the upgrade version, the Filehippo page says "CCleaner 5.44.6577".

If my version is 5.45 , why is the newer version 5.44 ? And why the discrepancy between the last digit of what the CCleaner website says (6575) and what Filehippo says (6577)?


Thanks - David

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.45 was pulled after an overly agressive monitoring and analytics SNAFU.

See here


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