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ccleaner professinal edtion (trial version)

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 professional edition (trial version) V 5.44.6577

 It hangs, unable to clean beyond 12%. also unable to cancel/stop. ( pic attached) note; this is not the first time, I am posting this after  using much attempts.



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Hi kgb,

I note that it's stuck on Internet Explorer History, which has been an ongoing problem for a while now with the time it takes, and some hangs like yours.

As you don't seem to be using Internet Explorer then you can safely uncheck all the options for it - except for 'Temporary Internet Files' which is used by other MS applications.

Hopefully that will cure your problem as it has for others.

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51 minutes ago, mta said:

that screenshot also shows you are using Windows 10 Enterprise, not Professional.

Good spot.

That's the second one recently that seems to be a private/home user with an Enterprise version.

The Enterprise version is supposedly only available to medium/large businesses and organisations through the Microsoft Volume Licensing programme.
You can't just buy it you have to get a quote from MS.

Of course it could just be a bug with Pro being reported as Enterprise by winver for some reason?

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