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Move files from C: to external drive using CCleaner/Tools/Disk Analyzer

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I want to move my pictures and videos from my C: drive to an external drive.  I found the list of pictures and videos with the "Disk Analyzer" tool within CCleaner.    A check-box selects all of the files.  Mousing around the page I cannot find a "move" command.

If it does not exist, I suggest adding a "Move" command to the Disk Analyzer page.  If it does exist, somebody please point me to that command.

Thank you,

Bob P.

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g'day Bob and welcome.

no, there is no Move button.
Disk Analyser is to find out what files are taking up your space and to tell you where they live.

but on your reasoning why.... be aware that if you move those files, you are probably relocating them to a potentially more 'insecure' place.
hard drives die all the time, and external ones die even more.  due to their mobility, even discounting the usual knocks and drops, they get bumped more often and all drives hate excessive vibrations.

if you are moving those files off your PC to reclaim space, can I suggest you also get yourself another external drive and duplicate those files across both drives.
it never hurts to have a backup of your precious data. (see my sig) :)

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