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Downloading / Installing AVAST without any permission or warning

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August 4th with v5.44.6575 installer, there was NO checkbox or avast warning at the bottom it was entirely BLANK, I clicked on 'customize' and checked in there there was no hidden options for software or anything else to change (like I always do) I went back to install screen where there was still no warning/checkbox/installer etc at the bottom so I simply clicked install,then when complete I try to shut down and windows tells me it is waiting for avast installer which is running.. It was running silently in the background without warning. I closed the 'avast installer' in task manager then 5 seconds later a 7mb exe popped up on desktop and I see it had downloaded ~129mb into program files 'AVAST Software' folder. After restarting the system avast did not actually appear to have been installed but at this point ccleaner was bugged up and I could NOT disable the useless system monitoring no matter how many times I tried to turn it on/off and restart. I finally uninstall and reinstall ccleaner and thankfully the second install did NOT download any more unauthorized software installers to my computer and this time system monitoring was disabled the instant I unmarked the checkbox, I deleted the files downloaded and the installer and apart from that cannot notice any changes to my system but is still a worry your program has forced this download of files onto my system without consent.

I am using dell venue 11 tablet ( Core i5 4300Y ) and was updating a previous 544 install, internet here is only 10mbs/1mbs connection over Wireless 4G which is still fast enough for streaming 1080p youtube videos. I think this should never happen without warning and after spending 10 minutes googling then reading online about multiple other people who have also recently experienced this forced download/install of this unwanted software (in multiple of your installers)  I am now extremely curious why, if you are aware of the problem you have not fixed your installer, and (since it is still happening) if the installer is not easily 'fixable' which appears to be the case then why exactly haven't you already changed it to an 'opt in' system and released a new installer until you can fully fix this problem I and others have had?

Long story short there was absolutely no warning I really don't appreciate having unauthorized software silently download or install to my machine without my permission no matter the program I and I am sure others consider this forced download behavior malicious.

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