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CCleaner not allowed in your location?

Dj Kyrian

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Hi Folks :-)

I have been using the excellent Ccleaner software for a long time and have had the most bizarre error message:

'Ccleaner is not allowed in your location' 


I am in the UK and this has removed my recycle bin links and the TSR from my toolbar. The main program remains in the start menu. Opening it has caused the TSR to reappear on the tool bar. CCleaner seems to work normally.


Anyone have any idea what on earth is going on?

A malware checker has not flagged any issues up.





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One of the new features mentioned in build 5.45 was 

Added a check to prevent the use of the application in embargoed countries

I doubt UK counts as embargoed so there must be another reason.

Are you using a VPN?



Support contact




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I've seen this pop up on two different computers. The first was right after 5.45 was released and I updated it on a domain-joined computer. I ended up re-installing 5.44 to get rid of that message.

The second was on my sister-in-law's mother's laptop. I cleaned off some malware and installed CCleaner on this computer that hasn't been turned on in around 2 years. I was able to use Ccleaner on my home wi-fi for 2 days without issues. The location error popped up after I left my house this morning, planning to return the laptop to my sister-in-law this evening.. Does Ccleaner now require an active internet connection? I haven't had a chance to test it with a different internet connection since I left my house this morning.


Both computers were connected to United States internet providers.

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Was your computer built in China?

Maybe one of the chips has a serial from an "embargoed" country?

This 5.45 situation is getting laughable.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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or perhaps it may be the Language/Region/Keyboard settings that CC checks for an embargoed country.
so check those first, in case it's that easy.

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