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cc545 Free monitoring option selections messed up

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Install cc545 on top of existing cc544 where Enable system monitoring and Enable Active Monitoring are not selected.  Then running cc545, icon now appears in System tray:  Enable System monitoring is not checked and Enable Active Monitoring is checked.  Uncheck EAM, but am unable to close System tray icon, and on next restart (because there's no simple way to kill cc545), cc545 reappears in the tray with Esm not checked and EAM checked.

Seems there was a similar problem with cc544, but at least there, you could on the Options page select Esm, then deselect both Esm and EAM and it would stick.

C'mon, guys and gals...

Dell E6400 laptop, Win 7 32-bit.

Thanks, and best regards,


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