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When/Where to X out?


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1. I first Delete Restore Points/Cleanup cookies, then clean (Av likes me to scan twice?- 2nd scan Much faster!?).

2. Then scan Registry Twice, and fix All.     I then go back to main startup page, and X out, and Reboot twice

-My question, as I don't get long/cleaning reboot until After a cold startup,  4 Reboots, open IE11 (4 Times). shutdown.

- I must be doing something wrong?- Should I X out After Registry cleaning, or what?

Win 7 (x86), ESET Smart Security v8, Zemana Anti-Logger free and no other active anti-malware.
Free on-demand- Old/fast MBAM v1.75 (No Pro/Context!), MBAM Anti-Rootkit BETA, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, herdProtect.
i5-2500 CPU @ 3.67GHz, WD VelociRaptor sata6 10k rpm/64mb Cache HD (WOW!).

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