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CCleaner 5.45 riddled with bugs


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I just downloaded CC 5.45 and immediately found several bugs:

1)CCleaner crashes when you run it from the recycle bin's righ-click menu. This is not a new bug, it's been going on since at least a couple of releases back.

2) CCleaner IGNORES your settings and re-enables monitoring, even if you have explicitly disabled it before. Disabling it again doesn't work, it keeps running. The only way to get rid of it is to kill the process.

3)If you uncheck the option to show CCleaner in the system tray, then when you minimize it, it completely disappears, no taskbar, no system tray, nothing.. The process keeps running as a phantom process, though.


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Installed the version of CCleaner available today and now running CCleaner from the context menu of the recycle bin throws up a crash report box. Not sure hat's a step in the right direction or sideways

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I can confirm all three bugs also!

Workaround for #2: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52280-unable-disable-monitoring-in-5456611/?tab=comments#comment-297838.


@Piriform: I'm really disappointed about the poor in-house testing and the extremely slow bug fixing. Please stop adding new and useless features and concentrate on bug fixing! And please release a bug free version as soon as possible, not in 4 weeks or later. Other developers are fixing bugs within hours, your developers need many weeks or months! Why? And keep in mind that your customers of the non-free versions paid for the now broken functions and that there is a warranty for software in the EU.

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are the "geniuses" @piriform actually doing something about this????? Or they just look the other way pretending they a released a "wonderful" version????


Oh, and another problem I found is that when CC is minimized to the system tray, you CAN NOT exit from there. The option to exit just disappeared form the right click menu.

Are these guys coding while drunk or something????

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It ran fine for me after installation until I rebooted my PC just now when it crashed and a message popped up asking for my email address. After starting it from the start menu it seems to be ok so far. (I still use Windows 7 on an 8 year old PC.)

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Hello all! 

I am also noticing bugs with the recent release of Ccleaner. Strange crashes on PC startup. 

What I am NOT here to do is slam/degrade or flame the people working for Piriform.

I was coming here to try and help the developers know when something goes wrong with their software, so their data set is more complete so they can do better debugging. Which is not a very pleasant ordeal.

I was unfortunately NOT that shocked to see 70%+ of the comments to be rude and finger pointing. 

Ignore the negative people guys. It is not worth letting it affect your life. And keep up the good work, and hopefully you can find/fix/mod the "bugs" you guys deal with while putting out such an awesome program that I use on so many different machines.

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