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Piriform Personal Security Concern with CCleaner Latest v. 5.45.6611

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I have noticed two things with CCleaner latest version (5.45.6611)

1.) Under ""Options" then "Privacy" setting, Piriform, has removed the option to NOT collect information when using CCleaner off of users computers.

You are now forced to allow Piriform to collect data from your system, and there is no way to stop this, unless you remove the application.

2.) I also noticed that now CCleaner dose not shut down/close when you exit out of the application, it still shows the application to run, and there is no way to stop the latest version from constantly monitoring/running unless you forcibly terminate the application.

This also is a change in the functionality of CCLeaner, and Users have not be notified when installing the latest version, that Piriform will be constantly monitoring your systems, and collecting data.

Both of these aspects, are a change in the CCleaner v. 5.45.6611, compared to the previous versions, which one could stop either of these processes from running, and not allow Piriform to collect data from your computer constantly.


Basically Piriform needs to Notify Users, when they initially install the latest version of CCleaner, or it will continue to monitor and track what you are doing on the computer.


This day and age, with issues like Facebook data leak, and such other types of incidents with personal information.

Piriform is violating users trust, by allow the application to continually run, even after it has be closed, and to forcibly collect users information, by removing the option in the latest version to Turn on/ off of the Privacy setting. Forcing people to give up their privacy, in the latest version, is not good policy, AND should be announced when a user first installs CCleaner.



I recommend, that Piriform makes some changes to their process for CCleaner, or you may get your self into legal trouble, and also lose the trust of users of CCleaner.

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