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New version (5.44.6575) is now adware

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I as using CCleaner 5.43.6522 (free) which notified me there was a newer version.  I downloaded and installed 5.44.6575.  When loaded, it now pukes out a spam window at the lower right corner of the screen.  CCleaner has become adware flashing ads in my face.  No thanks.  Luckily I still had the installer for the older version and used that to step on the new adware version.  I've used CCleaner for many years, so many that I don't remember when I started using it.  Time to look for replacement(s) to supplant the functionality in CCleaner free and don't have ads popping up on the screen.

Avast did not acquire Piriform because CCleaner is a security product.  It isn't.  It's a cleanup tool (and not even specifically for an Avast uninstall cleanup).  It can be considered a privacy tool.  It is NOT a security tool.  Avast acquired Piriform because of the large number of customers that Avast could now spamvertize.  It gave Avast a huge new audience to spam.  No thanks.  Piriform-branded products are no longer safe.  Spamware is never wholly safe as it behaves rudely and become malicious, as can be seen with Avast trying to dupe Piriform customers into dumping Avast's software on their computers (e.g., having to opt-out of an Avast install when installing Piriform programs).

Avast has tarnished Piriform products by turning it into spamware.  Avast has for a long time proved rude to their customers by spamming them.  Their anti-virus product is a spamming platform.  Usually I get kissed before I bend over.  I'm not bending over to Avast's spam intrusion into what used to be a stellar program.

Geez, even going back to the prior version has a problem.  Since CCleaner 5.41, Avast has been shoving in tracking by adding its ipm-provider.ff.avast.com cookie.  CCleaner will list it but won't delete it, so I had to find an even older version of CCleaner (5.40) [found at FileHippo which Piriform, er, now Avast uses to offload the bandwidth for the downloads).

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