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CCleaner Flagged By FIVE Antivirus Engines

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With each new release of CCeaner free version I check Virustotal before I instal it. Recent versions of CCleaner have shown a gradual increase in the number of engines reporting ccleaner as dangerous or words to that effect. With the latest version five engines have detected ccleaner. I have emailed ccleaner suppoprt to change their installer or whatever and to contact the antivirus companys that are reporting problems.

I cannot see ccleaner/piriform doing anything to correct the matter and based on its history whereby a version was proven not to be clean I do not like their arrogance.

If you look at Virustotals website the number of their community members complaining about the product is nearly forty and rising.

CCleaner is a good program and I will keep an old version of the program on my computers but their reluctance to address the current matter can only make users make their own assumptions about the company.

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I tried  the exe file today with Virus total and amongst other bad reports at least two of the antivirus engines are reporting it as a TROJAN . You must instal confidence in users by dealing with the companys that are flagging the program. All this seems to have occurred after you got taken over by another company or it could be just a coincidence. For me there is only so much checking I can do and will be looking for a new cleaner. Sad, but I am not going to risk anything even if other people are prepared to take the risk.

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Interesting that the portable version of CCleaner is only flagged by one agent on Virustotal.

 I installed the portable version of ccleaner on a usb stick, it works fine.

CCleaner was always my favorite cleaner so I am pleased that I have been able to get to a compromise and continue to use the programme.

I also like Avast and AVG . AVG I think has less features than Avast but I am pleased to be able to use both these tools, on seperate machines of course.

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I have only used the portable version for at least going on two years now, I simply don't trust too many installers anymore.

AVG is also owned by Avast, if you look at some YouTube videos comparing recent versions it's said that they're more-or-less the "same thing" nowadays.

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