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5.24.5841 > 5.44.6575 transition failure

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I recently noticed this 5.44.6575 just became available. So, I requested DL of the new version

from the CC version active at that time. The update version failed, and with me attempting a

correction, eventually resulted in disabling the whole CC product. Luckily, I'd been working on

a laptop replacement, and had my keys/DL url handy. I reloaded the full professional group

(CC, DF, RE, SP), and my CC now sits at 5.24.5841. My system is W10P.1709.16299(522).

I'd also replied to the CC 5.44.6575 announcement email of this event at:



Gary - twf@swbell.net



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there was a recent thread about issues getting the whole Pro package.
getting them individually seems to be a solution.

test the theory by uninstalling your current CC version first.
then go into the Program Files folder for CC and delete its contents
    (keep the .ini file if you have customised settings)
download the latest CC build from here; https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
reboot the PC then install CC from your downloaded file.

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I don't have any trouble with recovery. I've
just never experienced such a problem.

Apparently my problems are very similar,
or identical, to:

Because I am also configuring a new
spousal laptop, and was migrating the
Piriform pro group, I happened to have
my key(s) handy, and a new issued DL
link. I just restored/recovered from here:

That takes me back to:
CC=5.24.5841, awaiting 5.44.6575
DF=2.21.993, awaiting 2.22.995
RC=1.53.1087, awaiting N/A
SP=1.30.730, awaiting 1.32.740

And that "get_ccproplus" DL works just fine.
I saw where a revocation of "Ransomware
Protection" in MBAM "resolves the issue".

I'll check that out, and update my findings.



Piriform update.jpg

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Yes, the disable of "Ransomware

Protection" corrected the problem



Problem Circumvented/(Re)solved






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