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Run Cleaner not working?

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I have the latest free update.

However, after analysing on clicking the Run Cleaner CCleaner just closes and does not clean.

Have reinstalled but still the same problem. What is causing this and is there a solution?


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do you run Windows Home Server, Kaspersky or MalwareBytes Premium?

what is your OS and actual version of CC?
there is more than one issue with v5.43 and many users are simply reverting to previous versions until the next release.
older versions can be found on FileHippo; https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/history/

personally, I've left mine on v5.40

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes I am using Kaspersky, have been for many years and the CC version was 5.43.

Have gone back to 5.40 and I can now run the cleaner, so clearly a problem with CC 5.43.

Will leave it on that version for a while.

Many thanks for the help and link to the earlier versions.

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some Kaspersky users reported that either fresh installing or updating to their latest manually (v19?) allowed them to run CC v5.43.

but yeah, with the dogs breakfast that is v5.43, there's plenty of ticked off users and many have reverted until a stable version is released.

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Same issue , have always used for many yrs always  updated CCleaner , Latest ver 5.43 analysis system , then will not respond to RUN .

I Do use Malwarebytes Pro and the current  ver of Kasperky .Never experienced these issues previously .

Even tried to use previous versions of CCleaner as a resort to fix . What the hell !! now these older ver are not performing .

This is what you get when a long trusted software designer is taken over or purchased by another Group.???????

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